isle of wight, orange hat ladies

A quick hello…

Karen and I are building up to our swimming anniversary which is during the coming week, and this is a very short “hello” to everyone who regularly reads each week. I must say that we’re feeling a little cheated on the springtime front here – where has the enticing summer sunshine gone?! Glimmers of warm light have occasionally been seen but it’s not quite the glorious warm weather we had been hoping for. Having said all of that… this time last year it was windy and rainy for most of the month and we moaned about that too! We can never be satisfied ha ha, and it is only mid May to be fair.

orange hat ladies, gurnard, sea swimming
Lovely but not ‘that’ lovely!

Anyway – here we are below, continuing to bumble in whatever the weather throws at us and trying to look positive! Chatting, swimming and laughing all the way.

orange hat ladies, sea swimming

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