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May Internet Splashes

Yes, it’s already May and allegedly we’re heading fast towards joyous summer swimming. As ever, we’re all getting over excited about how quickly the water is actually warming…in case you’ve missed the memo, it’s still a little fresh! But fear not, the longer days and intense UV are beginning to heat things up and before too long people will be moaning about how hot it’s all become.

So whilst we await the warmer dipping, here are some fun and hopefully interesting short films to entertain you. Grab a coffee and take a peek.

First up, we’re going right back to basics and finding out about how people can start to sea swim, what you need in the way of kit, what to consider and how to actually get in and out of the water sensibly. It’s easy to think it might be something you’d like to do, but not everyone knows quite where to start. So here is the ever wonderful Rachel (Everyday Athlete Rach) to help start you off. Rachel vlogs regularly and there’s always something interesting to watch from her. This is a great starting video for new swimmers… and it’s a really positive reminder to all of us who already swim, with some excellent information and links (see the bottom of this blog for the links).

Next up is a short interlude – and a little comedy from Giants Comedy (yes, they’re a little fresh in places). We still hold out that having a giggle and a chat is imperative to our swimming, friendship and laughter all the way. I am SO hoping that this is not how Karen and I sound to anyone else ha ha!

And now for something a little calmer. There are so many short films about swimming, especially ones made by people exploring mini adventures in the UK, so as summer holiday plans become to the front of our minds I thought you might like this from Swim Spots Norfolk. As the name suggests, the short films celebrate some great little places to wild swim across Norfolk, here in the UK. I’ve picked out this particular short as it shows that not all beaches in popular holiday areas are full of people …it’s just a case of knowing where to go.

Here’s to a lovely month of outdoor swimming whether you’re an old hand or a newbie! Enjoy being outdoors.

Useful links from the wonderful Everyday Athlete Rach:

Outdoor Swimmer magazine outdoor swimming coach directory:…

Wild – open water swimming app to find and share swim spots

Outdoor Swimming Society for expert information

Mental Health Swims

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