orange hat ladies bank holiday spring 2022


Like proverbial busses, it’s another Bank Holiday weekend already. And there are more to come in a month’s time with an added extra one for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! What Bank Holidays give us though are an excuse to chill out…or become overly active. This weekend on the Island are a plethora of events, on the water, in villages, on bikes and in people’s gardens. There’s struggling spring weather forecast to bring some smiles and everyone remembers that they own a barbecue.

Meanwhile at the beach there are more swimmers. I’ve heard quite a number of people saying over the year that they’ll start sea swimming in May. Well it’s about to be May and so it’s finally the moment, but I’ll warn you now that the water hasn’t exactly warmed up despite some sunny days and longer daylight hours. The current sea temperature is around 11C…desperately trying to reach 12C. To be fair, that’s still ‘a bit gaspy’ on the water entry verbalising scale. Karen and I discussed today how warm it actually does get, and how much we are forever looking forward to something that in reality isn’t quite that wonderful. Like so many highly anticipated events, the reality can be somewhat underwhelming… But summer is coming and we remain optimistic, the sea will eventually reach the ’I didn’t even notice getting in’ temperature.

Orange hat ladies, spring bank holiday

We’ve just started, in part, to swim head under again….and with some reluctance. How easily we had forgotten about brain freeze and loss of balance due to the cold in our ears. So it’s back to pacing ourselves, to ear plugs and goggles.. but we agree only if it makes us feel good and we’re able to giggle about it after!

Happy Bank Holiday – just enjoy…and remember – what you don’t relax and do this one you can always do at the next!

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