2nd birthday film orange hat ladies

Two Years and counting…

Well, we’re feeling partly smug yet partly astounded… it was Orange Hat Ladies’ two year birthday last week! I can’t quite believe how we’ve managed to keep daily swimming for two whole years. Yes of course we’ve missed occasional days – we do have real lives too you know – but generally speaking we’ve aimed to swim pretty much every day. It’s become part of who we are. Part of our day to day life, like eating breakfast or brushing our teeth, we poddle down to the beach and wade out into the Solent. We don’t swim far or particularly energetically, but what we have given ourselves time to do is a little sharing/caring. Each day Karen and I meet up, natter, moan, question, shed a tear, smile and above all …laugh. There is nothing quite so important as laughing, and sharing a giggle has been one of the best things about our regular swim.

So here we are having a celebratory swim – complete with birthday cake hats beautifully made by Karen… I mean what else would you want on your head whilst swimming?! Here’s to the years ahead…

It’s been a wonderful, crazy couple of years and I simply wouldn’t have managed it without my swim buddy so from the bottom of my heart – Thank you Karen x

orange hat ladies, sea swimming, friendship, swimming women
Friendship and swimming is a fab combination

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