winter solstice, night swimming, orange hat ladies

A simple message…

Merry Christmas to you all from Karen and Fran, aka The Orange Hat Ladies.

It’s been another crazy year and all too often, as for so many, sea swimming has been our saving grace. Karen and I will be raising a glass with our families over the festive period to all fellow swimmers who brave the cold water with a giggle and a squeal. We especially salute all who have thrown themselves into things with vigour and embraced their inner Fiona!

We will no doubt post up pics of Christmas Day swimming but in the meantime here’s some suitably daft footage of Karen, Fran and their two swimming friends Lynn and Jenni (know as the ‘Laughing Ladies’) swimming on the eve of Winter Solstice 2021 – the longest night. We were served hot chocolate and mince pies from a body board by Karen (and yes, she is wearing a flashing light for the purpose…!). It was hilarious, life affirming silliness that captured this year so well… sound up for giggles!

Here’s to a happy, healthy 2022.

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