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Finding your inner Fiona

You know the feeling – it’s one of those days when you just can’t quite find the oomph to get on and be cheerily active. You can’t quite find the drive; the ‘who cares’ attitude; that ‘what the hell’ feeling. It happens to the most positive of us on occasions. The good thing about swimming regularly with a friend is that you have someone to lift you up and bounce you back into a smile or laugh. Generally Karen and I bumble on in our daily routine of swimming, nattering, laughing with an unfounded expectation that everything will probably be ok, but naturally the world can sometimes interrupt our attempts to ignore it. Even regularly throwing ourselves into cold water doesn’t always work as a distraction and some issue or other gets to one of us. And so, whenever Karen or I have not felt so chipper we suggest to the other that we find “our inner Fiona”.

Fiona doesn’t care what other’s think, she just goes out there and does what she wants to do. Fiona is a shining example of finding contentment through actions. She doesn’t get constrained by her body image or her physical attributes. Fiona is an athlete, someone who has mastered moving through the water with ease and agility and there is much to be learned about technique and style from her. We have on a number of occasions attempted to replicate some of her moves but know that we’ve much to refine. But what’s most important to learn from her is that Fiona just keeps on doing what she loves precisely because it makes her happy.

Introducing Fiona…

If you have one of ‘those days’ and you need a little lift, it might just be worth trying to find your inner Fiona….


  1. […] It’s been another crazy year and all too often, as for so many, sea swimming has been our saving grace. Karen and I will be raising a glass with our families over the festive period to all fellow swimmers who brave the cold water with a giggle and a squeal. We especially salute all who have thrown themselves into things with vigour and embraced their inner Fiona! […]


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