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Stormy Weather

Another Winter and another string of storms. What with the persistent sewage problem, the dark nights and now a run of storms it can be a challenge to find a safe and friendly swimming opportunity, but we try! Thankfully Storm Barra began with the winds from the South / South West which meant we were slightly sheltered from the blowiness here on the North side of the Island. I have to say that it was looking pretty ridiculous on the South side! As Karen’s rather apt illustration shows it can be a wild ride in turbulent waters with the pebbles rushing into you with malicious vigour, squeals and water swallows. And so it is that speedy dips are the best response to stormy swims (as long as its safe to do so). We now have a new phrase in response to the dilemmas of swimming in frisky cold water (surely one to go on through the ages) “Wild is good but quick is better”!

orange hat ladies, sea swimming, storm barra,
Copyright Karen Mead

Storm Barra is already the second named storm to hit us and the others are already named and no doubt heading this way. This is apparently the sixth consecutive year that the Met Office, in collaboration with Met Éireann and the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), has produced the annual list of winter storm names for the UK, Ireland and Netherlands.

The three weather forecasting services of Britain, Ireland and The Netherlands ran a ‘Name Our Storms’ campaign for a sixth year to help raise awareness about the potential impact of severe weather. Why oh why did I not know about this? I have lots of ideas for storm naming I’m sure… But actually, when I read this year’s agreed list I feel others have done the job rather well regardless of my input. I for one can’t wait to experience Storm Gladys as she rolls in. I fear though that there may be confusion when Storm Dudley arrives in Cornwall or the traditional spelling of Storm Meabh throws too many people into mispronunciation? But I am thinking that there will be much Thunderbird celebration if we get to experience Storm Virgil at the end of the season! The full list is below, but next time I’m thinking I might try and get something in? Storm Fiona?

met office, storm names, orange hat ladies, sea swimming
Met Office Storm Names Winter 2021

Keep safe in the water all, keep safe and act sensibly.torm

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