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December’s Internet Splashes & more!

It’s December already and Christmas is rushing up! Last week we were really proud to take part in the protest against sewage dumping around our shores here on the Isle of Wight. Despite Storm Arwen making its presence known, we managed a group dip too as the beach at Yaverland on the South coast of the Island was a little sheltered from the North wind. It felt great to be sharing our voices with other swimmers and beach users – the sense of togetherness was just wonderful. We all ended up pictured across the press and social media and so our voices were heard – at least on this occasion… now we need to keep the focus going. There are plans a foot for an event in a few weeks so we’ll mention it on our platforms should you want or are able to join in, but the sewage problem isn’t going away and in the meantime we need to keep the pressure on. Here are some photos from the event last Saturday.

And now back to our normal service…

December’s short days and long evenings definitely call out for some little films to watch and notes to be taken. We start this month’s suggestions with one from our regular Everyday Athlete Rachel who, as ever, has some great ideas and tips – this time about how to keep warm after winter swimming. The location of this film in Dartmoor is glorious too! Get a notebook and have a look…

For those of us lucky enough to live near the sea, it becomes part of us. This next film commissioned by Cornwall 365, made by Storylines, captures that special feeling. “Living by the sea infiltrates many aspect of daily life. This is particularly true for Tricia, who is forever grateful to have the sea on her doorstep, but also grapples with how this might change as she gets older.” The words and images manage to sum up so much in just a few short minutes of thought provoking film.

Lastly I’d really like people to stop and watch this next film from Surfers Against Sewage, although in reality its from lots of people out there enjoying the water. It feels particularly apt as we try and action change through awareness of our seas. Its short but beautifully powerful and pretty much sums up what being in the sea means to so many people on so many levels – especially in this very odd year. I do hope you enjoy it.

Thank you sea 🙂

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