Orange hat ladies, wild swimming

A brief reminder to self

I’m just back from a few days away on the mainland so this is going to be short but to the point. Over this past week I had hoped to manage a few river swims but sadly due to the torrential downpours the rivers were just too much in flood to be safe. Evidently those adventures are to be kept until next year. This below was the River Wye, south of Hereford, which was well up and running very quickly. All the bank side ‘beaches’ were underwater and the water itself was full of debris. Other rivers visited were similarly swollen and as frustrating as it was, it was absolutely best to be cautious and safety conscious rather than taking daft chances.

Orange hat ladies, river wye

With no swimming I’ve returned with genuine excitement and a spring in my step about swimming in the sea here on the Island. Missing a few days of plunging feels so odd these days. Swimming really has become part of what I do each day and something quite core to both Karen and I. So today’s swim felt particularly good – the exceptionally warm temperatures for October, a spring high tide and a calm sea gave the perfect combination to meet back up with my swim buddy. I have to admit that there was a little tinge of coolness in the water temperature as I took my first breath underwater but once we got going I quickly forget such things. I was immediately reminded about why I do this ridiculous activity. I was soon back in ‘the zone’ and we were swimming alongside each other with steady strokes.

It was only then that I realised that I was smiling underwater. No-one to see it, but a happy grin in the salty brine, content and back home in the sea. The rivers really can wait for a little longer it seems…

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