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October Internet Splashes – things to watch now

Well there is no denying it…Autumn is definitely upon us. So if it’s one of those cold, breezes wet days, why not grab a cup of hot coffee and curl up to watch a few inspirational short films? Here are some suggestions for your October…

In ‘The Truth About swimming’ Kate Rew one of the founders of the Outdoor Swimming Society, talks about wild swimming and the challenges she’s faced. It’s great to hear her talk about her dislike of the cold and how everything isn’t always smiles and laughter! It’s always good to hear about how two women set off to challenge themselves, not to be the fastest or the furthest but to enjoy themselves….and to “strip and dip”! (As the film was sponsored and produced in partnership with Talisker Whisky you’ll have to ignore the brief blatant advertising elements)

Next up is a marvellous all too brief film about one swimmer finding solace in wild swimming. I think it really sums up the positivity and renewal people can find through swimming – and it really brought a warmth and a smile. ‘”Wild Swim” is a collaboration born out of a shared love of wild swimming between Kate Drucquer, Whitney Blank and Amy Walker. Amy was living in the Yorkshire Dales whilst the film was shot so there were many beautiful swimming spots to choose from but Janet’s Foss proved the perfect location. The film brings together ideas around swimming for positive mental health and the joys of body acceptance in the wild swimming community. Winner of the Judge’s Special Mention Award for the 2020 BMC TV Women In Adventure film competition, sponsored by Montane. #WAF2020

And finally – this is just the best short film about swimming, friendship and women who just want to be themselves! “Well Preserved” is a film about a group of women ‘who call themselves the ‘Morning Swimmers of Sandagerði’, brave the icy waters of the North Atlantic along the coastline of the Faroe Islands for their morning dip in the ocean. They go in every day of the year, sunshine or snow, unless a storm roughs up the water too much. And for them it is as much about connection and friendship as it is about exercise and invigoration.’ A film by Green Renaissance this was a runner up at the BMC TV Women In Adventure film competition 2019, and I LOVE it. I really hope you do too.

As they say in the film – “small things make you glad”. Happy swimming all!

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