Orange hat ladies


As many of you will know it was International Women’s Day on Tuesday and the sense of joining together felt especially poignant this year with so much turmoil going on in the world at the moment. It might seem a little daft that we need to have a specific date to celebrate those of us that make up over half the population but it does help to flag up women’s issues that often don’t get the attention they need.
Social media was awash with groups of women splashing into the sea (amongst many other activities) up and down the UK. Karen and I did our usual dipping but with some added thought, pleased to be part of a bigger tribe and feeling privileged to have the freedom to swim .

Orange hat ladies, Karen mead t shirt, international women’s day
Fran wearing Karen’s IWD Tshirt design

Some events were for sheer fun, others to raise funds and awareness such as the annual International Women’s Day charity swim at Portobello in ’sunny’ Edinburgh. This group of women raise money for Women’s Aid Edinburgh, Rape Crisis Scotland and Held In Our Hearts by swimming at sunrise in the cold, and it was the comment of one of them that really summarised things for me – “It was really emotional. There was a feeling of community and solidarity, and just so much happiness. At the moment, with everything that’s going on, it was amazing to be able to raise money for other women and to all be together.” (Edinburgh News)

Whether you swim with other people or solo, coming together sometimes can be just what’s needed to get a sense that we can make things better. We swim on.

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