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November Internet Splashes – things to watch now

Well, this is definitely the start of the darker months in the UK and sometimes it feels good to just snuggle in on an evening and watch something different with a nice cup of hot chocolate (or something a little stronger) in your hands.

First up is a daring dip from The Wild Swimming Brothers in the waters around Guernsey through the Pea Stacks to get you thinking about things. This is not for the faint hearted but great to watch how others take on a challenge. I should point out that the brothers had a local guide and safety boat, but you can really feel their adrenalin was still very much running! We’ve shared short films from them before and they’re a great family trio to follow online.

To see more of The Wild Swimming Brothers Adventure in Guernsey follow this link.

Next up is a practical short film from the ever helpful Rachel on her Everyday Athlete Each channel. So many people comment on our own dry robes when Karen and I are swimming, and people always say “Oh I was thinking of getting one of those…would you recommend them?” Our general response is Yes! However they are pricey additions and there are alternatives that people may prefer to consider. Anyway, over to Rach to offer some thoughts…

And lastly – this short film will make you think about what cold might really look like! Gilly MacArthur takes cold water swimming to the extreme (although secretly I’d quite like to give it a go?!). “While we thrive on following adrenaline fuelled adventures, this opportunity to take some time and embrace the peace and tranquility that Gilly experiences in her time ice swimming was a true pleasure. Whilst a hostile and unforgiving environment, to most, the presence of mind and calmness is a true inspiration and something that actually translates to all of our day to day encounters.”

The short is on the truly inspirational Wonderful Wild Women platforms. If you want to get ideas on amazing things to try or want to admire those that take on a challenge, then they’re really worth following on social media. But in the meantime – here’s Gilly tackling the ice…

Hopefully it’s not going to get that cold this winter! Happy swimming all.

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