orange hat ladies, sea swimming, swimming women

Returning to new views

Back at the start of the month it was Karen’s birthday and this year, as so many of us do, I may have bought her a present that is also useful to me. To give some background to the present I need to point out that my swim buddy usually wears glasses when on dry land. This means that when she is not wearing her specs and changing on the beach her vision is not quite 20/20. When someone walks past saying hello she generally has no idea who it is but shouts a jolly “hello” back regardlessly which leads to an over familiarity or if no response, to an unintentional snub. Similarly, when we’ve been swimming and I point out a marker on the beach / another swimmer / a low flying bird etc Karen has to assume that I am right in identifying the object or person and continues to swim on, happy in her work albeit with a slightly blurred outlook. This has led me to consider that should anything happen to me whilst we’re away from the shore my rescue could rely on someone who is mistakenly swimming towards a large stick rather than a helpful person … and so it was in my interest to invest in her birthday gift. Of course, to be fair, it would also mean a marked improvement for Karen’s swimming experience!

orange hat ladies, swimming women, sea swimming

What I bought my friend for her birthday was a pair of prescription swimming goggles. After some quite ridiculous conversation manipulation to try and get our of her the prescription for the lenses, I set off to find the solution to her need for ‘glasses in the water’. There are a number of companies that sell prescription swim wear and I chose the aptly named ‘Perscription Swimming Goggles‘ company who seemed to have just about everything related to helping short and long sighted swimmers (I’ve no connection with them and this is not product placement just in case you thought I was getting all fancy there!). The result is one very happy swimming friend who might also now be able to organise a rescue for me if needed! The gift that keeps on giving on several levels.

So with Karen’s new view on swimming and my recovery, the Orange Hat Ladies return. This week we’re feeling as though there is a glimmer that we are beginning to return to ‘normal’, or more specifically what we might consider to be normal and what others still think is slight madness. Getting back in the water after a few weeks is rather wonderful. The feeling of watery freedom and bodily, floating release is something to be savoured… although evidently the weather has not been in such celebratory mode. Karen and I are hugely disappointed with lack of sunshine…or warmth…or brightness that this August seems to be delivering but it is what it is. Beyond all of the disappointments of cancelled events, COVID and poor weather, we are swimming regularly once again and long may it last. I for one am keen to exercise my lungs properly post COVID infection and feel uplifted by being able to slowly return to full activity. Plus, Karen can actually see clearly whilst swimming which has to be a positive for both of us, ha ha.

Although if one more person talks about the possibility of a ‘Indian Summer’ whilst we stand in the dull drizzle….

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