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August Internet Splashes

It’s summer and an amazing time to be outdoor swimming …and so many people are getting in the water! I can’t quite believe it’s August already but the months of sunshine and warm waters is definitely upon us. So here are a few short films celebrating the glory of summer UK swimming for when you need a brief break in the cool of the evening.

We’re starting with one from the wonderful Rachel best known as “Everyday Athlete Each“. Rachel’s films are always entertaining, informative and inspirational – watching this might just give you an idea about trying a swim in a new spot. And it’ll definitely give you a giggle at the start!

Next we’re popping down to Cornwall for what is in effect a little getaway moment. The extraordinary clear waters at the edge of the Atlantic are mesmerising and this little film can give you a real feeling of escape. JV’s Cornwall is a great YouTube site if you’re looking to explore Cornwall or just if you fancy a holiday from your armchair – check out the other shorts there’s something for everyone.

And finally – but by no means least, I’d really recommend you take a moment to watch this delightful Storylines film about four women swimmers commissioned by Cornwall 365. “Storylines is a Community Interest Company, which runs creative projects, workshops and events that use the common language of story to bring people together to share, celebrate, learn and connect. Digital storytelling is at the heart of much of our work, providing a fantastic way to celebrate and share personal stories”. This is a wonderful story capture. So often Karen and I have nattered about how lovely it is that so many women have found swimming…or swimming has found them. The real sense of a tribe that is accepting and generous, supportive and fun. This short “Benenes an Mor – Women of the Sea” listens to women’s voices and offers a lovely little insight into individual lives. As it explains “Swimming in the sea has always been part of Cornish culture, with people developing their own unique routines and rituals around swimming. This digital story shares the personal experiences of 4 women, of different ages, who are all drawn to swim in the sea.” Grab a cuppa and enjoy.

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