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July Internet Splashes

I’m not entirely sure where June went to – it seems to have flown past in a flash (or should that be splash?) and here we are in July already. Sadly we haven’t had quite as much sunshine as we would have anticipated but the swimming here on the Island remains wonderful.

Each month, as you may already know, we post up a selection of swim related short films to watch and hopefully it encourages us all to stop for moment and think.

First up is definitely something to get you thinking. It’s a short about inspiring us all to get out there and do something different…something adventurous. Alastair Humphries explores ‘Fear’ and what stops us from starting to live a little more adventurously. As ever, Alastair manages to hit the nail on the head and really makes you consider what the issues and barriers are to not getting on with things. As he says “adventures aren’t scary, it’s life that’s scary”! Alastair’s blog is always a great read as are his books which cover adventures large and small – you might particularly enjoy his ‘Microadventures’ book which I’d definitely recommend for all ages. You can pick up his books at all good books stores but currently he has a sale on direct purchases from his website.

Next up we head to Dartmoor with Bleau Shanay Hudson who is away with the fairies in the beauty of the Devon countryside.A charming little short that captures the magic of wild swimming. This really made me smile and transported me to cool woodlands on an English summer’s day.

Lastly this month we are posting one of my favourite short films that celebrates the Island where we live – The Isle of Wight. Peter Heather aka Ph Imagery – produces stunning shots from land, sea and air. Take moment to watch this one and for those of you who don’t yet know the island you might be surprised. This is a great reminder that we live in a beautiful country of rich difference and diversity. Enjoy being mesmerised.

Here’s to a summer of happy outdoor swimming.

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