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June Internet Splashes

It’s finally June with long warm days to swim, to dip and to enjoy. So here are this month’s selection of enticing shorts for you – the perfect encouragement to go on an adventure or the ideal wind down post swim chill out viewing. Many of us are thinking about a little bit of down time at this time of the year, a few days to do something different perhaps, and so this month’s selection aims to give you some ideas for possible explorations. There are so many places to swim across the UK and this is just a small selection just in time for summer plans.

We start with a trip to Wales with Amber in Snowdonia who has a selection of wonderful swim films from the National Park. The scenery is of course stunning and most definitely gives encouragement to visit Snowdonia to swim, walk and explore. You can also follow Amber on Instagram for more stunning shots.

I’d really like to get up to some of the following spots especially with a view to swimming under the waterfalls. One of the Dales Dippers, Stuart Gledhill shares with everyone 10 Fabulous Swim Spots in the Yorkshire Dales with this little film. There’s such a warmth and enthusiasm from Stuart that really makes you smile and there are lots of shorts on his Youtube channel Kitestu. As he’s clear to point out, these may not be ‘the best’ places but they are all lovely places that he has enjoyed swimming at and certainly ones he would recommend. They all look rather wonderful to be honest and give a useful starting point for those venturing to the Yorkshire Dales this summer. You can also catch Stuart’s regular antics on his instagram account as Daleswildswim.

And lastly we head to Scotland with this glorious little short to a secret location found from Balmacara near the Kyle of Lochalsh for an alternative swimming pool experience. The stunning scenery is simply breathtaking and the location sums up the lure of wild swimming in lochs and tarn. With a backdrop like that it’d be hard to beat, it’s beautiful!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these little insights and suggestions. There’s such a community of wild swimmers across the UK that share the love swimming outdoors – it’s a wonderful tribe to be part of.

Happy swimming all.

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