April Internet Splashes; Orange Hat Ladies; sea swimming; open water swimming; women swimming; wild swimming

April Internet Splashes

How have we gotten to April already?! Finally the weather is just feeling as though it is starting to lift into spring, although the drip, drip, drop of April showers may get us yet and there is certainly a nip in the breeze this Easter weekend. To enthuse and encourage everyone to keep swimming (or to get back into the water) we’ve again put together a few rather lovely films to watch. so grab a coffee (and maybe a little bit of chocolate seeing as how it’s Easter?) and nestle in…

First up is one from the wonderful Wild Swimming Brothers who I’d definitely recommend connecting with online including YouTube and Instagram . This is a short film that always lifts the spirits – “the childish joy of being outdoors”. It was made in 2018 but the thoughts and ethos of being outdoors and in water seems even more relevant in these COVID times. SO many people have not been able to swim, not been able to share time with their loved ones, not been able to share experiences and joy. This is a reminder that those things will return, and hopefully soon.

Next up is Louise Mason who really made me smile. When asked why she does wild swimming she says ends up recognising that it’s her ‘default’ and she swims because she “likes it”. There is no better reason surely? Like so many people are often heard to say – wild, cold water swimming needs focus and takes us away from worries and thoughts to a calmer, involved activity. This film certainly makes me want to swim in a large fresh water lake with deep, clear fresh water.

You can follow Louise on instagram

And lastly ‘Chasing the Sublime’ is a deliciously shot short film showcasing two women who swim in cold open water with grace and ease, originally released a couple of years ago. Kate and Kari established The Outdoor Swimming Society in 2006  “to pioneer outdoor swimming in rivers, lakes, lido and seas”. They are superb ambassadors for all aspects of the activity. The film captures the clean rush of the fresh water and the sense of gliding through the depths. It feels inspirational and powerful, beautifully celebrating women swimmers; it is rich and sensitive. Definitely one to savour.

You can follow Kate Rew and Kari Furre on instagram, and of course via The Outdoor Swimming Society activity.

Hopefully the weather will be a little warmer next month, the water is definitely beginning to creep up in temperature now. So keep wrapped up and keep swimming 🙂

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