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Internet Splashes March 2021

As March tumbles in there’s a tiny glimmer of spring in the air but for most of us swimming is still pretty cold and it’ll be a while yet before the water temperature perks up again. So here are some short films to watch with a cuppa whilst you are warming up post swim or planning future swims from your armchair. Sharing swimming experiences really helps to highlight the sense of togetherness and camaraderie many swimmers feel – especially in these strange times.

Our first offering “Hydrotherapy” is a beautifully captured short film from Wales. Laura allows us to dip into her swimming life (apologies for pun) for a very personal few moments. It’s carefully crafted and definitely leaves you wanting more.

You can follow Laura on instagram @wildwelshswimmer

Next up – This is a totally honest and fun exploration of a first cold swim. There are lots of tips and useful thoughts throughout, plus giggling…and we always like to highlight swimming with laughter.

Type 2 Twins are “two normal women doing not-so-normal things” who have a superb sense of humour. They aim to encourage people to get outdoors and try long distance activities and, best of all, are looking “to find the secret to the elimination of faffing”. Now that is an excellent goal indeed! Enjoy. (@type2twins on Instagram)

And last – and not least as it’s probably the most useful – is Rachel Andrew’s guide to juggling things when getting changed with a robe. Anyone who owns one of the range of drying robes currently on the market will know that it does appear to be worthy of a competence certificate for usage. As Rachel suggests, it really can be a dark art!

Rachel films her YouTube channel over in the New Forest and often from Lepe and Calshot beaches so it’s fascinating to see the same stretch of water from the other side for those swimming on the northern shores of the Isle of Wight. You can also follow her on instagram @everydayathleterach

Happy swimming all!

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