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Internet Splashes Feb 2021

It’s February, so a step closer to Spring! We thought it might be nice to share some swimming related footage that has caught our eye recently – just click on the images below. If you think there’s something interesting that we could share please do drop us a line on the contact page.

First up, thinking of warmer times – this is a lovely little bit of footage by Callum and Tash (@callumandtash) about trying wild swimming in the River Stour in Dorset. Callum and Tash are a young couple self renovating a van, plank by plank on Instagram and YouTube. It’s so nice to be reminded what summer feels like plus to remember that there are many places to dip and swim across the country other than the sea.

Next up is a much colder offering. This video made me hold my breath! It’s a recent walk and swim in the snowy Lake District. Joanna Shimwell (@joannashimwell) shares her experiences of a very active outdoor life online and inspires many to do the same. On this swim the water is extremely cold (1.5C) and she only stays in for about four minutes. More than long enough with no hat, gloves etc but evidently very much worth the experience.

Last but by no means least, in case you missed it, we are recommending grabbing a cup of something warm and a comfy chair for Cath Pendleton’s (@swimcathswim) amazing, inspirational adventure. Cath is a normal woman undertaking an extraordinary feat. Totally (orange) hats off to The Merthyr Mermaid!

(Please note that this link is for BBC iPlayer and so time limited)

Cath Pendleton, sea swimming, orange hat ladies, merthyr mermaid, swimming women
Cath Pendleton The Merthyr Mermaid (BBC)

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