wave, waves, sea swimming, wild swimming, laughing swimmers, orange hat ladies

The Fun of Waves

We seem to have had every type of weather thrown at us over the last week and each brings it’s own attraction. But splashing in the waves is always fun.

We managed to swim (with great care I might add) in the tail of Storm Christoph as it bruised its way across the country. The winds weren’t too bad during the day here on the Island as the storm passed and we were able to have a brief swim, close to shore, in the white-topped waves and surf. We were sharing the beach with a group of adventurous windsurfers and wing surfers who flurried across the water with speed and agility. Although we were in an area they were unable to sail in, we were pleased to be wearing our orange hats so as to be clearly seen in the water! Yes, wearing a daft orange flowery hat also has its practical uses when bobbing about in the swell… as long as no one tries to moor on our orange, buoy like heads when we’re swimming in the busier summer months.

The water was so full of life. The stones rolled and jumped in the pull of the waves like spawning salmon trying to leap from the ocean, wanting to reach the sacred shoreline. You could feel the lumps of hard rock scrambling across the sand and shingle, bumping toes and ankles without a care.

Most days swimming does not involve waves of any note. When you’re used to more gentle waters day after day it’s easy to forget the excitement of the energy stored in the ocean, and the immense power of the water. It’s a true force of nature in every sense of the words. It feels primeval.

Like small children we hooted and squealed with the transferring energy, wave to swimmer. The modest rollers lifted us into the air and beautifully into the sunlight, which was just peeking out over the crest of the hill as it rose for the day. Like excited eight year olds without a care in the world we filled the air with gasps of delight as we reached each crest before being swooped back down again to await the next swell. We kept looking at one another and giggling. No words, just whoops and laughter. Swimming can be really good fun sometimes!

(Just in case you’re not sure what a wing surfer is have a look here, they’re quite amazing! https://wingsurfworld.com)

wave, waves, orange hat ladies, sea swimming, wild swimming, laughing swimmers, sea
The beauty of waves..

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